Tropical Tofu Kebabs with Mango and Avocado


Hey hey hey! 

Hope y'all had a fantastic weekend! Since I was in NOLA last week for a Tri-Lamb event and heading up to Vermont this week for Blog Brulee, I basically stayed in most of the weekend and worked. Boo, I know. I even skipped a Clemson home game and gave my tickets to the hubs 13-year-old stepbrother. Y'all know if I'm willing to miss a football game I've got a lot of s*** to do. 

Since the hubs and I aren't going to see each other for a week, decided to cook a fun meal together outside, disconnect from the outside world, and connect with each other. These easy tropical tofu kebabs were what I came up with. This time of year - when it's still summery out, but the mosquitoes aren't quite so brutal - is my favorite time to grill. To make these kebabs a little more interesting, I added mango and avocado for a tropical flare, and gave it a spritz of lime juice and smoked chili flakes to finish. 

To snag the recipe, click this link and head over to Health Aperture for my latest in Food Rx. 

Tropical Tofu Kebabs.png