Food Rx: Red Velvet Smoothie

This vibrantly hued red velvet smoothie can help boost your endurance during a workout, thanks to a surprise ingredient - beets! 

A couple months ago, I committed to my friends, family and the entire internet to running a half marathon next year. As someone who hasn't run more than 3 miles since high school, this was either a powerful, exciting and inspiring commitment that will show me what I'm really made of....or a totally boneheaded move. Only time will tell.

As I've started to wean myself back into running, I've been trying to eat a runner too, getting plenty of healthy carbs before my runs, increasing my protein intake a bit and including more endurance boosting foods in my diet.

One of those endurance boosting foods? Beets! I know, a smoothie isn't exactly the place you'd expect to see beets, or want to see beets for that matter. But trust me on this one, chocolate and beets are a natural pair (please see these chocolate beet cupcakes). Plus, both work together to improve endurance and blood flow to muscles during your workout. Head over the Healthy Aperture blog for the recipe to make this red velvet smoothie with beets!