Intuitive Eating and Snacks + 10 Snacks I've Been Really Into Lately

I'm really into snacks, or snackity snacks, as I like to call them. 

As with most things nutrition-related, there's some pretty polarizing views about whether you should snack or not. Biology tells us that we need to fuel our bodies regularly, and that hunger is a sign that we probably need food, so I'm pretty sure that means yes, snacks are cool. 

There's no rule as to how many snacks you need - for me, I find it varies between 1-4 a day. Generally speaking, I recommend to my clients to eat something every 3-4 hours (some need to fuel more like 2-3 hours, and others do better every 4-5 hours, but you catch my drift). Basically, if there's a time in the day where you would go longer than 5 hours between meals, that's a smart place to plan for a snack. 

For a filling snack, aim to include a source of carbohydrate plus another food that contains fat and/or protein. Carbohydrate helps prevent your blood sugar from dropping and fat/protein make the snack more filling. That's not a rule though - just a guideline. Sometimes a snack can be a way to fulfill taste hunger, or maybe you just need something light to tide you over. 

I like to have a wide variety of snacks on hand, since I'm never 100% sure how hungry I'll be, or what I'll be in the mood for. I probably look nuts coming into the office in the morning with a giant bag of food. Gotta be prepared!

Here's ten snacks I've been really into lately:

Cheese and crackers

As everyone who has read more than one of my blog posts knows, cheese is my favorite food. I've had a ton this week leftover from a baby shower we hosted this weekend, plus a few boxes of Simple Mills (client) almond meal crackers that they sent me. Add Lazy Monk honey mustard (guys, you need it in your life), and I'm quite content. 

10 Snacks I've Been Really Into Lately: Cheese and Crackers


I got on a baking kick a little while back and remembered how much I love muffins. Spread with a little butter, they're just perfect for snacking. These honey pear pistachio muffins are made with quinoa flour so they're extra filling. 

10 Snacks I've Been Really Into Lately: Muffins


I just got a vitamix (I can be a real healthy food blogger now!) and I'm obsessed with how it makes ultra-creamy smoothies. Hubs for the win with that birthday present. 

10 Snacks I've Been Really Into Lately: Smoothies

Clementines & Almonds

I'm the worst at peeling oranges, so clementines are my favorite. Is it just me, or is there something really satisfying about peeling it in one piece? I usually have a couple paired with a handful of almonds, because fruit by itself just makes me hungrier. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Usually I much prefer savory for snacks, but I do love a good bakery chocolate chip cookie. I love to use my chocolate chip cookie cravings as an excuse to take a work break and go down to Silver Spoon Bake Shop for their epic salted chocolate chip cookie. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.08.07 PM.png


When I'm really hungry, I run by Whole Foods for a veggie sushi roll and ice tea. This mango and avocado roll is one of my favorites. 

10 Snacks I've been really into lately: sushi

Yogurt with Fresh Fruit and Honey

Full fat all the way. Not only does it taste better but it keeps you satisfied. I love to top creamy full fat plain yogurt with whatever fruit is in season and a drizzle of honey. It feels so luxurious. Pro tip: a pinch of cardamom is really yummy too. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.14.06 PM.png

Tortilla Chips & Homemade Dip

I've been kinda bored of hummus and guac lately. I know, there's something wrong with me. I discovered Bitchin' Sauce lately which is my new favorite chip dip, but there's nothing like a good homemade dip. This miso-sesame green pea spread is still my favorite on the blog. 


Tuna Salad Toasts

Or sardine salad, cause I'm one of those weirdos. Lately, I've been mixing canned tuna with curry mayonnaise, chopped shallots or red onion and serving that over toasted pumpernickle with a pickle slice. Plus a little everything bagel seasoning if you're feeling fancy. 

Frozen Vegetable Dumplings 

Dumplings are my happy food. I often throw a few Trader Joe's vegetarian dumpkings in a tupperware container, warm through and serve with soy sauce and a bit of siriracha. 

What are your favorite snacks? Share in the comments to give me some ideas!