Roasted Carrots with Tahini, Black Olives and Mint


Skip the boring boiled carrots and make this recipe for roasted carrots with tahini, black olives and mint! 


Fun fact: I have the worst vision of anyone I know. Like, without my contacts I literally can't see more than an inch in front of me. This was pretty traumatic in elementary school, when my fix was a pair of thick, purple glasses. As if I needed anything to make me more awkward.

So, despite the fact that I didn't really like carrots, I ate a lot of carrots, because, you know, carrots are good for your eyes. I wish I knew how delicious roasted carrots were back then because that would have saved me a lot of boring raw and boiled carrot dishes. They get all sweet and caramelized and delicious.

Looking for a cooked carrot recipe that actually tastes good? Snag the recipe for my roasted carrots with tahini, black olives and mint over on Healthy Aperture!