Nourishing Your Body For Fertility

Now that a lot of my friends are at that point where they're ready to grow their families, it's been really surprising to me to learn how difficult it is for many women to get pregnant. I'm embarrassed to admit I kinda assumed you just had unprotected sex, and 99% of the time, a baby would be the result. You can thank my fearmongering Georgia public school sex education for that ;) Apparently it does take more than holding hands to get pregnant. 🤷‍♀️

Even though the hubs and I have decided not to have kids, please know I have SO much empathy for you if you're struggling with fertility. I know how personal decisions about family are, so I can't imagine it being taken out of your control. 

As friends have shared their fertility struggles with me, one thing that's been really concerning is how many have been recommended restrictive diets by friends or online,  or have been told to quickly lose weight by health care providers as a cure for their fertility struggles. One of my lovely friends, Liz Shaw, is a fellow RD who has been struggling with fertility after disordered eating in her teenage years. We're both really passionate about promoting nourishment, not deprivation, so when she asked me to guest post on her blog, Bumps to Baby, I knew this was something I wanted to talk about. Head over to her blog to read my post!