Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Frittata with Capers and Dill

Smoked salmon and goat cheese frittata with capers and dill is a take on my favorite breakfast bagel sandwich! 

As this is arriving in your inbox, I’ll be thousands of feet in the air, on my way to New York City for a long weekend. (That's a lie. I was supposed to post this yesterday but couldn't get wifi at the airport. So I'm here! Chillin' in NYC!) One of my friend’s parents has an apartment in the city (must be nice, huh?) and was gracious enough to take her babies so six of us could have a little couples retreat.

Scott’s been to NYC quite a few times for work and I grew up in Brooklyn, so of course I’ve been there many a time. But we’ve only been to the city once together and it was just a quick afternoon trip after my grandmother’s funeral in New Jersey. We’ve always toyed around with the idea of moving to New York City one day…although with our 200+ pounds of dog we might be priced out! But still, I’m excited to explore to explore together and daydream about our someday (maybe?) home.

And of course, I can’t wait to show him some of my favorite places from my youth. We're visiting my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, Ellis Island where my families name is written on the wall from when they immigrated, and maybe we'll even head to my great-grandparents old candy shop in the lower east side, now a coffee shop, which may be the only non-hipster place in the lower east side...which maybe makes it the most hipster place in the lower east side?

I also can't wait enjoy some of the tastes of my youth together. When we're at said coffee shop, he'll most certainly be having an egg cream. Anyone know what I'm talking about??. Of course, we'll be making a trip into China town for some legit dumplings. And if everyday doesn't start with a bagel and lox, I will consider the trip big fail. 

I literally cannot resist any type of smoked or cured salmon - it's the taste of my youth! On an everything bagel with cream cheese, red onion, capers and tomato...that might just be heaven!

This smoked salmon and goat cheese frittata is inspired by my favorite breakfast sandwich. The flavor combination is absolutely perfect and I just love the freshness that dill adds. If you prefer to enjoy this recipe in sandwich form (maybe on said everything bagel?), bake it in muffin tins to make individual, sandwich sized frittatas.

Tell me, cause I'm super curious to hear, what's the food of your youth? Share in the comments below! 

Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Frittata with Capers and Dill


  • 10 eggs

  • 1/2 cup milk

  • 2 tablespoons dill, chopped

  • 2 tablespoons capers

  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

  • 1/2 cup sliced scallions

  • 1 tomato, chopped

  • 4 ounces smoked salmon, chopped

  • 2 ounces goat cheese, crumbled

  • Everything bagel seasoning, chopped fresh dill, optional, for ganish


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

  2. Beat eggs with milk until well combined. Season with salt (don’t use too much because the capers and smoked salmon are already pretty salty) and freshly ground black pepper. Stir in dill and capers.

  3. Heat olive oil in a large oven safe skillet on medium heat. Add scallions and saute 1 minute. Add tomato and saute until tender, about 3 minutes.

  4. Stir in smoked salmon and cook 1 minute. Pour in beaten egg and stir to combine. Let sit and cook 5-7 minutes minutes until edges are set.

  5. Sprinkle goat cheese over the top then place in the oven to bake about 10 minutes until cheese is melted and egg is cooked through.

  6. Remove from oven, and let cool 10 minutes before slicing and serving, garnished with everything bagel seasoning and dill.

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