Weekend Eats

Popping in with a quick life post today since I'm heading out to NOLA for a trip with the Tri-Lamb Group. Do y'all enjoy more lifestyle posts? I haven't had as much time for regular recipe development, so have been thinking about sharing a little more personal posts, because let's face it, we're all nosy :) But seriously, I think it's important to know that a healthy lifestyle isn't all smoothies and salads and yoga, so let me know if that's something you enjoy (or not!) in the comments!

Friday night my best friend and her husband Ben came in town from Atlanta on their way up to a wedding in Raleigh. We've been best friends since 6th grade - over 20 years now! 

#twinning since 1995

#twinning since 1995

After breaking in our new outdoor furniture with homebrewed beers in the backyard, we headed to Southern Belly to fulfill Ben's craving for BBQ. The guys decided it was a "guns out" kinda night. Yes, that is my husband in a tank top with Nicholas Cage's face photoshopped onto Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing. Don't ask. 


I got the grilled cheese, which had pulled pork, bacon and cheddar on Texas toast, and I swapped their Alabama white inspired BBQ sauce for the red sauce. I'm not a fan of red BBQ sauce, and I don't know if you've tried white sauce before, which is a tangy, mayo-based sauce, but it is SO good. My uncle got me hooked on it years ago and I'm obsessed. Wish I got a picture but it was really dark out. 

After dinner we took them around Columbia. We live in a pretty walkable area, so we walked along Devine St. stopping at our neighborhood bar for a pretty intense dart game. 

The next morning Ilani had to be on a work call, so Scott, Ben and I went out the Cinnamon Roll Deli. I was actually craving a smoothie, which I don't normally crave (for breakfast at least). But since I don't think you can come to Columbia without a cinnamon roll from there, I "settled" for a coconut cream roll, which we ate while watching soccer. Any other EPL fans out there? Go Gunners! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 3.22.46 PM.png

For lunch, I was still craving something fresh but didn't have any veg in the house, so the hubs and I brought the pups out to Publico. I love bringing our dogs out around town - I turn into such a stage mom when they get attention from strangers.


I got a spicy margarita and Scott went with a pineapple marg, which he didn't realize came in an actual pineapple. We split chips and guac, and I got a southwest Caesar salad where I swapped shrimp for the steak, and the hubs got an ahi tuna burrito that was so good. Even though it's a taco place, I like their non-taco food much better. They even had a dog menu there, which I thought was adorable. 


We spent the rest of the night at the house, cheering on our Clemson Tigers against Louisville. I tried making a tomato tart from this cookbook, which I love, but it turned into a watery mess. Oh well, it still tasted good. 

Sunday I spent most of the day working since I'm heading out of town. Made time to squeeze in a run Sunday afternoon. I've been craving a really long, leisurely run, but it's SO hot out still, so I've been going for run/walks instead. While I was running I listened to this podcast, which literally had me crying while running. It was about a Portland woman in who was a surrogate for another woman in China and the story of their complicated friendship that formed. Any favorite podcasts you've been listening too lately? 


Also cooked a yummy recipe inspired by a ratatouille dish I made in my CSA cooking class at City Roots that I'll be sharing on the blog Thursday or Friday for Recipe Redux.

Any fun highlights from your weekend?