A New Way to Embrace Summer Sexy

Hi all! As I'm catching back up with work after a week traveling in Iceland - in a camper van, no less! - I'm sharing a guest post today from my friend Liz Shaw, another registered dietitian who shares in my food philosophy. We've met through mutual friends and through our work together on the executive board of the nutrition entrepreneurs dietetic practice group. Thanks Liz for sharing your expertise! 

Hi there! Thanks so much to Rachael for inviting me to share with you lovelies today on Avocado A Day Nutrition!

Like Rachael, I’m an a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and proud advocate for embracing the “all foods can fit” mentality.

One thing I am always AMAZED by is the amount of money spent on advertising right around this time of year to help “you” get your summer body back!

Really? Summer body back? What was wrong with my fall and winter body?

Mainstream media thinks otherwise and thus bombards us in every social channel with the latest raspberry ketone diet pill, a lemonade detox plan or some other completely INSANE program to help you get those 6 pack abs in a matter of weeks.

I’m here to encourage you, Don’t Give In!

Save your money for a delicious, ice cold margarita on the beach and enjoy the beauty of the season instead.


Well, it’s no surprise, the best way to embrace that summer sexy is to focus on these 3 simple tips. Rest assured, if you can implement them, you will be feeling like the sexiest version of yourself in no time flat!

3 Tips to Eat What You Love & Feel Great In Your Skin This Summer

1. Be mindful and embrace the intuitive eating nature. 

Rachael and the team behind the Joyful Eating Program do a great job at coaching you through this concept. It’s amazing the powerful role nutrition can play in the body but we often forget how involved our mind is as well in our eating behaviors. Focusing on becoming mindfully engaged in the eating process can really be a game changer for when and how much you eat. Think about why you ate the entire pint of ice cream last time. Were you TRULY hungry or was it more emotionally driven? I can tell from experience, when I let emotions rule my eating behaviors rather than my intuitive eating nature I feel guilty. Guilt should not be associated with eating! Thus, I know even myself as an RDN need to remember the important role of mindful eating and savoring every bite to help guide my intuitive eating process.

2. Eat the rainbow.

There’s no secret pill here! Eating a variety of foods, colors and textures will help satisfy your body in a way you never knew possible! No foods are off limits, and certainly all foods can fit. If you enjoy a delicious grilled burger, get creative! Add fruit like pineapple and top it with a whole grain bun, you’ll be satisfied, satiated and less likely to dive into a bag of stale potato chips when the BBQ ends!

Recipe: Grilled Turkey Burgers or Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burgers

3. Move for the joy of moving. 

Repeat after me- move for the joy of moving! Yes, exercise is a great part of a healthy lifestyle, but it does no good to move if you are miserable.  Negative energy and emotions will eventually prohibit you from moving and that’s definitely not something you want. Instead, find an activity that gets you PUMPED to engage in. Do you like dancing- try Zumba or a Barre class! More of an outdoors person- try hiking! It doesn’t have to be done at an all out pace or even for hours on end, but moving for the joy of moving can be a very freeing feeling. Exercise releases endorphins that increase your happiness too! So, the secret to a life well lived, move because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.

At the end of the day, I can promise you one thing: If you feel happy with who YOU are on the inside, you will be the sexiest person at the summer festivities by far! With a smile on your face and love in your heart, your worries about the 6 pack abs will be a thing of the past.  Plus, your true self will have the opportunity to engage in the BEST SUMMER OF YOUR LIFE, with a ice cream cone in tow too

Elizabeth (Liz) Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT is a freelance nutrition communications consultant in San Diego, CA, and owner of Shaw’s Simple Swaps. She’s a published author on fertility nutrition and works globally with brands to help communicate nutrition messages to the public at large. Follow Liz for healthy recipe inspiration on her blog, www.shawsimpleswaps.com, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Yummly. For those on the journey to baby, feel free to connect with Liz at her website, www.bumpstobaby.com, or on Twitter , Instagram, and Facebook.