My First Podcast Interview!!

Happy Wellness Wednesday! I'm a little lot swamped with work this week, trying to fit in clients and wrap up work projects before I go out of the country next week. So instead of your usual Wednesday post, I hope you'll indulge me by letting me just share a link to my very first podcast interview - really excited about this one!

I was interviewed by Lauren of Grit and Glitter podcast, a podcast that focuses on female entrepreneurs. If you're in a creative field or a solo entrepreneur, you really should subscribe! She shares inspiring interviews with women that have really helped me feel less alone as a solopreneur, and Lauren has the most infectiously positive attitude. Big thanks to my friend and artist/eating disorder therapist Rachel Tenny for introducing us!

In our interview, we focused on being an anti-diet dietitian in a diet obsessed world -basically, how do you market a service that goes against a giant cultural norm. It was a scary leap of faith for me, but the one thing I've learned is the more honestly and openly I've embraced my core beliefs and brought them into my practice, the stronger my business has grown.

Despite my nervous rambling, I'm really happy with how it came out! Click here for a link to listen to it.