Wellness Wednesday: Intuitive Eating in Practice


Today's post might seem like a bit of an information dump, but I had a ton of resources to share to help you put intuitive eating into your personal practice, and for my dietitian/student readers, into your professional practice.

Intuitive eating in practice

Intuitive eating seems really simple. Eat when you're hungry. Stop when you're satisfied. Choose foods you like that make you feel good. So why is it SO much harder in practice? Alex Caspero, one of the co-creators of our online non-diet wellness program, broke it down perfectly in her most recent post Unlearning How to Eat. Really, the hard part isn't learning how to eat but rather unlearning the mixed messages about food and eating that we've been sold by diet culture. It's only then that we can get back in touch with what our body needs.

To get to the core of it, the reason intuitive eating is so hard is because the desire to control weight or body size clouds internal signals of what and how much to eat. If no one had body image issues, no one would have eating issues - it's really as simple as that!

As you work to ditch the diet mentality, I think it's important to explore the reasons why you want to lose weight or change your body. No one wants thinness simply for thinness sake, you want the privileges associated with it - health, happiness, confidence, attraction from others - you know, all the lies the diet industry sells you. But you can have those things at any size! It's a huge breakthrough when clients have that aha moment that losing weight isn't going to bring the things they really want. That's why me and my fellow Joyful Eating dietitians Anne and Alex created the free downloadable "Thin Fantasy." Head to our website to download a copy (just click free download in the top bar). Love to hear of any breakthroughs it inspires!


Also, as we're getting ready to launch our April group of Joyful Eating, Anne and I are doing a facebook live tomorrow at 3:30 ET on her page so head there and give it a like so you can watch along and participate with questions.

Now, on to some exciting stuff for my dietitian readers, especially those who are new to private practice or are dreaming of the entrepreneur life! I'm presenting in the RD Entrepreneur Symposium launching on March 14th, hosted by the lovely business coach and dietitian Heather from With A Side of Sneakers. I feel crazy honored to present alongside so many women that I look up to in the field and thrilled to talk about a topic I feel passionate about - harnessing your unique voice to attract your ideal client. Any RD who has ever done a coaching call with me (p.s. did you know I offer career coaching for RDs?) knows this is something I really focus on because it made such a huge difference to me in growing my practice. And if you're interested in specifically growing a non-diet private practice, I use a ton of examples from my own practice and other non-diet RDs, so I think it will be really helpful for you specifically.

The symposium is a virtual conference (yay for not spending a bazillion dollars to travel!) with 18+ gamers from marketing pros to six figure RDs to branding experts who will show you exactly how to make your business boom. You get lifetime access to the seminars plus a private support community. We want you to walk away with specific, actionable steps that will help grow your business and increase profits. Goodness knows when I started my business I spent hours on google trying to figure out what to do, only to get completely lost with all the marketing lingo. Trust me, it's worth having all your information in once place!


Take advantage of the special early bird discount today! For the first 24 hours you get $100 of the price so sign up today! Here's a link with more information and to sign up (affiliate link).

Another fantastic resource for my aspiring private practice dietitian readers  - Nicole Culver, a dietitian and business coach, is doing a free live panel call with 6 dietitians (including my friends Anne, Alexis, and Heather). I do a monthly mastermind call with Anne and Alexis and they just ooze information and advice, so I know you'll learn a ton from them! Sign up here. 

Phew, that was a lot of info - but I hope you found some things that were useful! Have a fantastic Wellness Wednesday :)