Wellness Wednesday: Joyful Eating for All!

Constantly feeling stressed about what you did or didn't eat? Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin? Never fear - joyful eating is here! 


In our society, food fear has become the norm. Being a dietitian who works with disordered eating, I'm definitely more attune to it, but I constantly pick up on guilty and shaming comments about food. Talk about going on detoxes or clean eating challenges to make up for perceived indiscretions. Talk about how certain foods have to stay out of the house because they just can't control themselves. Talk of how "bad" they were for eating something. Talk about going on diets like it's just what you're supposed to do as a woman. It all makes me think that more people fight with food than feel peace around it. Feel crazy around food may have become the norm, but that doesn't mean you have to accept it.

I think a lot of people feel like they don't have to work on their relationship with food unless they have an eating disorder. Me, I think if something is causing you pain and stress, you don't need to have a diagnosis to get help.


Last year, I created Joyful Eating, Nourished Life, a 6-week online wellness program with two of my fellow non-diet dietitian friends, Anne and Alex. Our goal was to create a program that would help you make peace with food and learn to take care of your body without dieting. We want to give you that freedom that comes with ditching the diets, so you can make space in life for the things that bring you joy and nourish your soul.

Since then, we've had almost 150 Joyful Eaters go through our program and learn how to eat again. They've learned to use hunger and fullness cues as a guide rather than calories and portion sizes. They've learned how to nourish their emotional needs without food, and sometimes with food, because hey, sometimes a big chocolate chip cookie really does make you feel better! They've learned how to choose foods that make them feel good - good as in energetic, satisfied and alive, not good as in obedient and virtuous. And perhaps most of all, they've learned that a smaller body isn't the key the happiness.


We are SO excited to announce that we recently launched a self study version of our program. Because we know that literally everyone struggles with their relationship with food at some point, we wanted to make our program as available as possible. We know there is huge value in having a community and access to the three of us dietitians in our live session, we also know not everyone can afford the price tag associated with that, nor does everyone want to be on facebook. Our self study program contains much of the same content as our live version without the facebook support group, at a discounted price. The self study program lets you work on the lesson plans at home, at your own pace! 

The three of us know from both personal and professional experience how much energy and joy is zapped from your life when time is wasted obsessing over food. Head to joyfuleatingprogram.com for more information and to sign up!

And if you think that you'd benefit from the facebook group, stay tuned for April when we'll be launching our next live group!