Wellness Wednesday: Never Start All Over Monday Again

After a slip on your diet, are you tempted to start again next week. Learn how with intuitive eating, you'll never start all over Monday again. 

Happy Wellness Wednesday! Popping in with a super quick post today since it's 8 pm on Tuesday and I REALLY try not to work super late these days, but this week has already gotten ahead of me!

Right now, Anne, Alex and I are getting geared up for our October Joyful Eating, Nourished Life group, our six week online NON-diet wellness program. Over the next month, each of us are sharing in depth transformation stories from our first group of joyful eaters. But it's a different kind of transformation - a mental transformation rather than physical!

If you want to check one out, Alex shared a story last week. One of my favorite points from her story was learning to ask herself "what do I need right now?" Such a powerful question we so often forget to ask!

One of my favorite quotes from one of the transformation stories was this:

There are no mistakes, only learning experiences. For me, this meant never having to wait until Monday to start again, I just try again every time I start to feel hungry. ~ Cathy W. 

The fact that there's no starting from scratch with our approach is one of my favorite things - there's no day one, no start all over again tomorrow, no more wait until Monday and then I'll do better.

With dieting, you're either on a diet or not. You're passing or failing, eating healthy or not eating healthy. Intuitive eating is the antithesis of the black and white thinking that comes with dieting.

Often that diet mindset can linger into the initial phases of eating intuitively. You eat past the point of fullness and feel guilty. You honor a food craving, as you should, and feel guilty. You mindlessly much on snack foods out of boredom rather than hunger, and you feel guilty. And you feel that pull to say "to hell with it" and try to tune into your body next week.

Just remember that unlike dieting, which is easy at first and gets harder with time, intuitive eating is hard at first and gets easier with time. Just like learning to speak a foreign language or picking up a new sport, the more you practice, the better you get. With rigid rules, diets are easy to "get right" on day one. Not getting it right on day one can feel like failure.

But it's not failure, it's learning, and you can't learn without failing every once and awhile.

"Stop the cycle of "I'll start over Monday" with #intuitiveeating"


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