Wellness Wednesday: On Creating Habits

There's a common perception about creating habits that unhealthy ones form because it's easier, but that's not necessarily the case. Learn why in todays Wellness Wednesday post. 

Creating habits

Happy Wellness Wednesday! It's a bit of a crazy week for me. I'm headed out of town this weekend to Tybee Island for a girls weekend, then next Thursday, I'm going to Asheville with my mom for a night followed by a few extra days with friends. So basically, I've got two weeks in a row where I'm packing a weeks worth of clients and writing and emails into 3 days. Eek! It's great being your own boss and having the flexibility to do these things, but I definitely miss having coworkers who can cover for me!

Despite the craziness, I wanted to pop in with a quick post on habits, always a popular topic in my practice :) And with good reason! Forming habits that promote health is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. When an action gets embedded as habit, you do it without even thinking about it. Healthy habits make healthy living a breeze because you do them automatically.

However, the common perception is that it's really hard to create healthy habits. That healthy habits take a lot of effort to start and solidify, while unhealthy habits are formed because they're easy. We order takeout pizza after a long day of work because it's easy compared to cooking. We watch netflix instead of going outside for a walk because it's easy to stay on the couch. We shove our feelings and emotions inside instead of addressing them because it's easy to suppress and push on compared to doing the deep work.

But creating unhealthy habits isn't easier than creating self care habits, especially not in the long run. That's because your body will fight you the whole way. When you continuously choose ultra processed foods versus learning a few nutritious, tasty and easy to whip up dishes, you'll start to feel pretty bleh and your tummy won't be so happy either. When you deprive your body of movement, you'll feel lethargic and possibly even depressed without those happy endorphins. When you continuously bottle up your emotions versus expressing and dealing with them, it'll shown in your digestion, your mood and your relationships.

So in a sense, both good and bad habits are hard work. To create an unhealthy habit, you have to fight against your body. To create a healthy habit, you're fighting with your body.

I'll let you chew on that for a minute :)  Feel free to share thoughts in the comments below!

How does your body fight back when you try to form unhealthy habits?