Gluten Free Almond Creme Brulee

Enjoy creamy dreamy creme brulee made gluten free and dairy free with this recipe for gluten free almond creme brulee made with Dream Ultimate Almond. 

Gluten and dairy free almond creme brulee

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Dream Ultimate Almond. Thanks for supporting the brands I love that make Avocado A Day possible! 

Friends and clients frequently ask me about my thoughts on dairy and the various plant based milks that are available. Personally, I’m a big almond milk fan. It’s neutral flavor and milky consistency makes it suitable not just for drinking, but for recipes from sweet to savory. And obviously smoothies too.

Of course, almonds are super nutritious as well, packed with biotin, vitamin e, magnesium and healthy fats. But in almond milk, you get very little nut, which is cool, because almond milk is designed to be a milk substitute, which is mostly water too.

But if you’ve ever made homemade almond milk or tried the fancy schmancy almond milk they sell at juice bars, then you know more almonds = more delicious. It’s thick and creamy and satiating – the perfect little grab and go snack! However, it also means way more expensive and way more time consuming. Call me cheap, but $8 for a snack isn’t exactly in my food budget. While I love to whip up homemade nut milk on occasion, we use it on a daily basis and I’d like to accomplish more things in my day than standing over a bowl with cheesecloth straining almonds.

So I was pretty excited to discover and collaborate with Dream Ultimate Almond, made with 20 grams of California almonds (four times more!) per serving for an extra rich and creamy taste. That means more protein, more fiber, more filling fats and more tasty almond nutrition in each sip. Each serving is a good source of biotin, vitamin E, magnesium and riboflavin.