Wellness Wednesday: When A Brownie Is The Healthiest Choice

A brownie healthier than kale? In certain circumstances, yes! Learn when a brownie is the healthiest choice for both your physical and mental wellbeing. 

When a Brownie is The Healthiest Choice

Hi guys! Happy Wellness Wednesday! Excited to bring you a guest post today from my lovely friend, Alexandra Caspero. Foods are frequently labeled good/bad and healthy/unhealthy. Certainly, nutrition is important, but it's not the only consideration when deciding what to eat. Let Alex explain!

Google, our best friends and every health magazine known to man, will easily give you a list of “best” choices when it comes to food: whether out at your favorite restaurant, fast-food chain, or whipping up something in your own kitchen. Eat this, not that, has become an agreed-upon catch phrase for just about every type of food. If I had a dollar for every time a client asked me “what should I eat,” well, I’d probably be out shopping right now.

What if we didn’t need any of this? The rules, the guidelines, the shoulds and should nots? What if we knew what was best for us, without having to look up a calorie count, ingredient list, or approval rating from our favorite health blogger? That’s the basis behind intuitive eating. The concept that you actually know when, how much, and what to eat without any set food rules. It’s an un-diet; opposite day for those of us who have been chained to fad diet after fad diet for years.

Here’s a typical scenario that I see play out time and time again with my clients. In an effort to consume healthier, nourishing foods, they completely cut-out anything processed, colored or sugar-added. It’s what their friend, Facebook and Gwyneth have told them to do and they feel healthy and confident in their new, clean eating environment. Except, they miss certain foods. They miss happy hour nachos with friends, frozen yogurt dates with their partners and the occasional brownie for dessert. So, they ignore those cravings, over and over again, settling for the ‘healthier’ option- parsnip nachos with vegan cheeze sauce, banana nice cream and raw nut and cacao truffles. And it works. Until, of course, it doesn’t. Until they are longing so much for a particular food – let’s say a brownie- that they end up finally giving in, eating one, then two, then five in a sitting before beating themselves up with guilt and shame. Then, they vow to go back to their healthy ways tomorrow, and the cycle repeats itself.

Of course, I’m not saying that choosing nutrient-rich food is a bad thing. Please don’t hear that. However, sometimes in an effort to choose the right thing, we end up forgetting that all foods fit in an intuitive eating plan. Pushing beloved foods so far off our clean-eating plate often puts them in a taboo category, which can backfire big-time. It’s also why sometimes, chocolate frosted and all, a brownie is a better choice. If it’s something that you really want, you have the permission to enjoy it. Food is delicious and we want to help you reignite the pleasure of eating.

Tell us: Have you tried intuitive eating before?