Wellness Wednesday: 3 Reasons Why Calorie Counting Doesn't Work

Does calorie counting leave you feeling out of control and food obsessed? You're not alone. Learn 3 reasons why calorie counting doesn't work. 

Hey guys! Happy Wellness Wednesday :) It's a bit of a crazy week for me, so I'm popping in with a guest post I did on fANNEtastic Food last week on why calorie counting is kinda the worst.

I think of calorie counting has been the default diet. Fads come and go, but calorie counting is always lingering in the background. It's that thing that people keep going back to when they're feeling out control with their body or their eating habits. Sure, there are some people who can practice what I like to call calorie awareness and feel empowered and informed...but this is a minority. For most, calorie counting will turn you into a food obsessed, hungry and out of control mess. It certainly did for me! Shared my story with calorie counting on the post and even though I didn't find intuitive eating until much later, it was enough to convince me the calorie counting is not the way to go.

Click here to read three reasons why calorie counting doesn't work on fANNEtastic Food.