Southwest Salad with Crispy Barbecue Cauliflower and Yogurt Ranch

Every time a cauliflower swap recipe makes the rounds on pinterest, I'm always skeptical. I mean, cauliflower as pizza? Cauliflower instead of rice? These people must be on something.

Then curiosity gets ahold of me. And you know what? I've never been disappointed. How my least favorite vegetable as a child has become a staple in our house is beyond me.

My latest cauliflower find is crispy baked cauliflower, which I first made in these crispy sriracha cauliflower tacos. They've quickly become a fan favorite amongst my group of friends (and hopefully you too!). Those nuggets of cauliflower goodness are back again, this time in this crispy barbecue cauliflower salad with creamy yogurt ranch. Get the recipe in my Food Rx column on Healthy Aperture!