Roasted Tomato and Cannellini Bean Salad

With the addition of roasted tomatoes, pesto and olives, this simple white bean salad tastes anything but basic. Perfect for batch cooking as a grab and go lunch or snack!

My heart always breaks a little when I meet a picky eater. If only they knew all the amazing eating experiences they're missing out on! When I meet a picky eater, I can't help but inquire into where their picky eating stems from. Being a dietitian, I want to understand so I can better help my clients. Also, I'm nosy.

Usually it stems from parents. I hate to add to the parent guilt, but it's true. Either parents forced them to eat something against their will, never exposed them to it, or prepared it regularly and horribly. Or, in a case of familial food phobia, they themselves were fearful of the food and their children picked up on that fear.

Luckily for me, my parents were pretty adventurous eaters and passed only one food phobia down to me. Tomatoes. For the longest time, I refused to touch tomatoes because growning up, my mom refused to touch raw tomatoes. To this day, she will panic as if there was a bloody fingernail or used needle on her salad if a poor chef unknowingly missed the "NO TOMATOES" message from her server. I thought we had made some progress last week when she sent me a picture of beautiful hued tomatoes from Union Sqare Farmer's Market, but when I asked if she was tempted to try them, she replied matter of factly, "no." Well, okay then.

As a child, I'd eat tomato sauce and even sun dried tomatoes, but if it still looked anythihng like it's raw tomato source, NOPE. That included roasted or sauteed tomatoes, because you could still see the seeds, or as I called it, the snot.

If you read my blog now, you now I proudly eat raw tomatoes and actively seek the best farmer's market tomatoes each summer. My gateway tomato? Roasted cherry tomatoes, introduced to me by a Mediterreanean bean salad, similar to the one I'm sharing today. These tomatoes were sweet, juicy, caramelized and bursting with flavor, not bland, mealy and...snotty. I liked them. A lot.

Now that I am a dietitian and know all the nutritional fabulousness of tomatoes, I'm incredibly happy that I was able to work past my food fear and make tomatoes a regular on my plate.

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